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The world of betscraft.

I  make things. It keeps me sane(ish).  Here are a few.

This is a scene from "Old Puppet Love,"  narrated by famous artist Sas Lee (me), once protege, then client, then on again off again lifetime lover of Gabe Roth, art agent and gallery owner. I did the music, made the puppets and props, wrote it. Dave Basta did the After Effects magic with the photos.

Gabe's history is a mystery to all who know him. 

This scene is about how we process art on a subconscious level. Or, really, how it processes us. The setting is the Robert Therrien exhibit at LACMA. 

This will eventually be a full short

And here is a test spot for Gabe. 

Memories & Myth.

A 20 min. documentary film  about my father and my neighbor,  two men on opposite sides of WW II and their families and the moving ditch. 

written/ directed, narrated by me. Sound, Hank Meiman. DP Peter .


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