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The kids in the after school program at MEND bring it from Pacoima! Current Events! Science!  Interviews! Reviews! History! And more! Find us  on iTunes as well as Podbean.


Every Tuesday for the past three years, this small group of reporters ages 7-12, gather at The GMP HQ (AKA MEND Youth Services). We started with my  laptop and travel mic to build  confidence, and language skills. These bright students ran with it and now, three years later it is a bonafide show. MEND supported it with equipment, and this year our own space! Wahoo! After a lively brainstorm session, the kids research and write their segments, record and edit each other, conduct interviews, create music for the interstials and take turns hosting. Then I put it  together and post it. 


 Highlight interviews from last year included Muralist Levi Ponce, (whom KTLA interviewed AFTER we did!), and John Michael Garces of Cornerstone Theater Company   as the troup embarked on their state wide tour of "California: The Tempest." Next month we will be going to CBS 2 to watch a newscast live and  interview Sylvia Lopez, who recently retired as anchor to pursue a public health career.


Look for a new podcast at the end of each month!

Here is our latest: 





If your short on time, here's just one great segment:





You have a voice kid. Use it!

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